Work Permits

In the recent years with increased foreign capital inflows also increased the number of foreign firms wishing to employ staff. This increase results in restructuring of the international working conditions and introduced new regulations. In Turkey, regulations have improved relating to the employment of foreign workers as in every country, and implementation started to be managed with precision than ever before.

Datassist provides the execution of the process concerning Work and residence permits in Turkey within the framework of the existing laws and practices in a healthy way. Datassist executes transactions concerned with the extension of work permits and visas for foreign employees.

The experience of many application that expert team of Datassist have concluded since its inception, prevents the loss of time and material losses that may arise as a result of the processes are not carried out carefully, being attentive on managing the process of application evaluation and follow-up.

Payroll Outsourcing

While the competition globally increasing, the companies must speed up focusing on their core business. Datassist supports their clients in order to make them accelerate with outsourcing service.


The companies which aim to minimize cost and maximize efficiency, take advantage of Employment Service also in the positions that require specialization.


Recruitment, which is one of the most critical choices of the company, should not be done by recommendation or estimates. The future of the company and its success is shaped by the right decisions of hiring.


Accurate Information is always important.The right advices which would be taken about the HR operations provide to optimization of processes such as labor law, SSI, incentives, salaries, personnel affairs and payroll in corporates.

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