Datassist, organizes trainings specialized on Human Resources and Payroll.

The opportunity to learn the subject discussing with the specialist scholars and educators in participants with payroll operations training in parellel to “Labour and Social Security Law”.

In the certain periods, the trainings are organized for individuals, as well as the training for institutions is organized too. Thus, a more comprehensive institution-specific legislation and regulations are discussed and carried out trainings taking into consideration of industry-specific differences.

training-payroll-turkeyWhat are contents of Human Resources and Payroll Practices Training ?

    •  The provisions of the legislation which is the basis on Payroll Practices of Act 4857
    •  Personnel Affairs
    •  Work times
    •  Payroll Calculation
    •  Wage and benefits
    •  The legislation on dismissals in accordance with the law 17-21 of Act 4857
    •  Legal Basis
    •  Documentation management
    •  Compensation calcualtion
    •  5510 Social Security and General Health Insurance Practices
    •  The obligation of the law no. 5510 for the employer

In the trainings which about the Liabilities of General Health Insurance and changes, participitans are able to get workshop in payroll preperations.

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