recruitment-turkeyRecruitment, which is one of the most critical choices of the company, should not be done by recommendation or estimates. The future of the company and its success is shaped by the right decisions of hiring.

The hiring mistakes can lead to a direct negative impact on the company's activities and big risks. The most important task of recruitment companies is to prevent such candidate reaching to the customer and provide the right candidate to the right work and company.

Datassist serves for the entire recruitment process, such as creating new solutions in line within customer needs, offers flexible and versatile services. Datassist also offers services by supplying candidates for permanent and seasonal positions.

Selecting candidates based on Datassist; not personal preferences, emphasizing the needs of the company, reach the candidates who add value and achieve the company maximum efficiency for a long time. Therefore, first it is checked the candidates' productivity. Afterwards, personality traits, knowledge and experience with an emphasis on effective motivational factors.

Why Datassist?

Datassist is the Turkey partner of Performia which is an international organization focused on evaluation process of recruitment and staffing. Performia eliminates the factor of chance in hiring and allows you to make decisions based on actual and real time data. It provides reliable and precise information about a candidate through tests prepared by special methods. The recruitment processes by recognazing the candidate's productivity, compliance and position in the group. No surprise and no regret.

Datassist, in line with Recruitment Service, as well as online interview system, implements various tests with Performia infrastructure considering specifications of position :

  • Character
  • Productivity
  • Intelligence
  • Ability ( Perception )

 The tests not only the recruitment process, are very useful in the evaluation of employees. Performia makes it much easier to reach your goal with the objective criteria on issues such as training and promotion while reconstruction. Makes it possible to manage employees better by unearthing their talents and allows you to create a happier and more productive working environment.

Mistakes on selecting candidates cause loss of time, money and effort; likewise endangers the peace and the future of the company. Under favour of Datassist Recruitment Service, you can work with the right people to manage business processes and promoted on a strong infrastructure by adopting “Right Person for Right Job” approach as the primary criterion.

Evaluating foreign workers is very easy

In Performia, testing and interviews are available in many different languages. Because, the most accurate test is the test of candidate's own language.

Payroll Outsourcing

While the competition globally increasing, the companies must speed up focusing on their core business. Datassist supports their clients in order to make them accelerate with outsourcing service.


The companies which aim to minimize cost and maximize efficiency, take advantage of Employment Service also in the positions that require specialization.


Datassist organizes trainings that are for individuals or corporates or groups by our specialized team on Human Resources and Payroll.

Work Permits

Legal processes concerning work permits may be complicated. Datassist executes transactions related with the work permits for foreign workers on behalf of you.

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