consultancy-turkeyLaws are changing, practices differ from day to day. Updates to the implementations in this direction is required. These updates are required to optimize the management of your business processes.

Datassist follows up changes in legislation and practice in all areas that affect the processes of human resources such as payroll, leave, personnel affairs; prevents possible errors giving information and necessary warnings.

Datassist closely follows up all developments likely to effect in your operation process taking a broad perspective under the spotlight, while providing consulting service. Thus, Datassist offers both all regulatory and preventive activities in tandem with assesments.

What is the scope of Consulting Service ?

  • Payroll
  • Calculation of salary, supplementary payments and social benefits
  • Practices of Labor Law
  • Social Security operations
  • Keeping the operations of personnel management and affairs in accordance with the provisions of the amended legislation updated.

Payroll Outsourcing

While the competition globally increasing, the companies must speed up focusing on their core business. Datassist supports their clients in order to make them accelerate with outsourcing service.


Audit Service provides to determine the identification of incorrect applications on issues related human resources processes and solutions that can be applied to enhance these processes before malfunction.

Sub-Contractor Audit

The Risk point of service procurement from sub-contractor is arise from the main and sub-contractors are responsible for joint before the law. Datassist allows you to minimize these risks.

Dakika Personnel Management 

Dakika, was developed with the technology and know-how of Datassist, makes employees enter into HR process through its %100 online infrastructure and features such as self-service display and mobile sign.

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