audit-turkeyAudit Service consists of two phases which are the identification of incorrect applications on issues related human resources processes and providing solutions that can be applied to enhance these processes.

How does Auditing Service Work?

  • Leads in accordance with up to date information on the Labour Law, Social Security and the Social Security Act by experts in the field supervisors and consultants.
  • Provides solutions to questions and problems related to the legislation or enforcement.
  • Determines payroll processes and overlooked risks that may arise or exist.

Datassist, compliances with legislation and practices to keep it continuously under control by arranging review meetings and inspections. The compliance of all your company's HR practices taken under the supervision of experts guarantee of Datassist thereby creates the opportunity to re-construct a healthy workflow form.

Payroll Outsourcing

While the competition globally increasing, the companies must speed up focusing on their core business. Datassist supports their clients in order to make them accelerate with outsourcing service.

Sub-Contractor Audit

The Risk point of service procurement from sub-contractor is arise from the main and sub-contractors are responsible for joint before the law. Datassist allows you to minimize these risks.


Datassist organizes trainings that are for individuals or corporates or groups by our specialized team on Human Resources and Payroll.


Accurate Information is always important.The right advices which would be taken about the HR operations provide to optimization of processes such as labor law, SSI, incentives, salaries, personnel affairs and payroll in corporates.

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