Is It Necessary To Learn How To Carry The Chicken?

efficiency-payroll-chicken-turkeyHow do you carry an alive chicken without killing it and hurt yourself, and also without soiling your clothes ?

Maybe its not too hard to learn it, but surely precious sources such as tools,time and workforce will be spent to learn and major however this will not worth it; on the contrary the return on investment would not happen as expected.

The best way to being afloat in today’s business world is to create value while getting away from the processes that waste your time. Any organization in the World of uncertainty and rapidly changing technologies have to compete with indefinete future phenomenon. While he competition is getting changed, companies must focus on their core line of business. Payroll outsourcing service is one of these ways.


ayse-nazmiye-uca-datassist-turkey- Miss UÇA, what do you think about the current level of payroll outsourcing service in Turkey considering your experiences in sector ?

Ayşe Nazmiye UÇA: I think the payroll outsourcing in Turkey came in from cold as a service model. But in order to widespread of issue and take advantage of outsourcing service for Turkish companies, they still got some problems on the subject of customer satisfaction and performance. Under favour of the experience we have gained for years, we know the difficult fields and how to overcome them.

  • Defination of Service: Partial and inaccurate defination of a work to do, leads to misunderstandings. We begin the study by defining workflows of companies. Thus, we know what and when to do.
  • Measurement of Service Quality: It’s the cause of general distrust towards the service sector in Turkey. The correct implementation of quality measurement process, offers information which equivalent to the idea of hundreds consultant. We follow up the processes of our customers properly, report them and immediately carry out the necessary interventions by following up service level continuously.
  • Pricing: Outsourcing will definitely save money but prices are subject to negotiations with the quality of work to pull down.We know that focus on the core business of our clients is our gain.
  • Selection of Service Provider: Decisions of the companies which provide service on different scopes, not choose area of expertise and not check referances yet, may cause dissapointments. Our duty is to handily serve the experience we have gained on our core field for customers.

- You said that “ Outsourcing on payroll is now adopted “. So what about the world recently ?

Ayşe Nazmiye UÇA: As Datassist, besides the processes of the normal payroll outsourcing , we tend to more flexible models which is outsourced just a part of the service. Turkish companies want to hold principal work because of either worries about service or desire of managing operations rapidly. In this case, we stay on course to be implementer of SaaS model which is swiftly widespreading around the world for payroll and personnel affairs processes.

Since its founding, Datassist had been a technology-driven company; we had given service completely on web from 2004 and now we have actualized Dakika Personnel Management Platform.

-What is the vision of Dakika and what does the SaaS model contribute to us ?

cagri-kilit-datassist-turkeyÇağrı Kilit: We provide added value by using know-how of the team of Datassist the most experienced payroll outsourcing company in Turkey while performing our software development process. We easily overcome the obstacles by dint of offering Dakika with Saas model whose usage is gaining popularity all around the World. We provide solutions that we made easily suitable with internal dynamics and expectations of our customers with different profile thereby diversifying our service to customers with Saas model. Whether our clients now outsource just the processes they want to, they can provide to execute them entirely within the company.

So our clients transfer the processes to Dakika instead of learning, performing and checking the operations that time-consuming except their core business.

Dakika Personnel Management Platform

  • Manages processes such as Payroll, Employment, Archives and Leave Management.
  • With self-service features, " works with the employee "
  • Completely web based software that can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Legal parameter updates are done automatically.
  • Flexible reporting capabilities instantly prepare any report.
  • There is no requirement or fees for installation, maintenance, updates.
  • Mass data transfer and integration capabilities eliminate the need for data processing.
  • Performs Leave approval and reporting process, transfers to payroll.

This interview with Datassist General Manager Ayşe Nazmiye UÇA and Vice General Manager Çağrı KİLİT was published in the Journal of Yenibiriş Dünyası.

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