Find Your Real Reason for Payroll Outsourcing

Today’s business World, various management methods become prominent among global competition conditions. Outsourcing solutions is one of these methods. We are supposed to use new management methods to follow up international trends and continue our company’s existence.

Organizations have different needs according to their own structure, formation and development trends.

Which ones are yours?

Business Continuity

Sharing the processes with a supplier that has corporate contunity instead of backing up the key staff who manage personnel affairs processes within the company and bearing the cost of this backup.


To focus on core business, outsourcing the business processes which doesn't contribute to competitive advantage, slows workflow and obstructs focusing.

Risk Sharing

With the cooperation of a leading expert following the rapid changes and complex applications in Labour and Social Legislation, managing the risks that dont creat value added costs on the other hand put the organization at stake in the event of false procedure.

Process Quality

Improving the quality of service of business processes by outsourcing to the right partner, instead of investing to enhance the weakness and malfunctions of payroll and personnel affairs process.


Preventing the hidden costs which occur by way of carrying out payroll operations and personnel affairs within the company, such as specialized workforce that spend time for software/hardware/maintanence, hesitates on processes, feedbacks.


Having cutting-edge technology without costs of initial investment, acquisiton and implementation.

Lever impact

In order to grow rapidy without cost of software/hardware and specialized workforce, getting right know-how from outsourcing partner.

Privacy of Wage and Information

Instead of the cost to hide the data which is supposed to be confidential from the staff who manage and process these data, transfer these management to a partner who does not become a party of issue and has commitment of privacy.

Payroll Outsourcing

While the competition globally increasing, the companies must speed up focusing on their core business. Datassist supports their clients in order to make them accelerate with outsourcing service.


The companies which aim to minimize cost and maximize efficiency, take advantage of Employment Service also in the positions that require specialization.


Accurate Information is always important.The right advices which would be taken about the HR operations provide to optimization of processes such as labor law, SSI, incentives, salaries, personnel affairs and payroll in corporates.

Work Permits

Legal processes concerning work permits may be complicated. Datassist executes transactions related with the work permits for foreign workers on behalf of you.

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