Do You Speak Corporate Turkish?


- Can we work on this idea at a brainstorming session?
- Please share your views, we truly value your feedback.
- We need to adjust on working flexible hours for our long term plans.
- Let’s follow this roadmap to solve the issue.

English is the official language in the global business world. However, plain everyday English is not enough. Just as the English terms and idioms greatly differ from England to Scotland and USA, business English has its own vocabulary. Corporate world has a unique set of idioms that constitute an office language in which all employees are expected to be fluent.


Participator of ADP Partner's Convention 13'

We are participating in annual ADP Partner’s Convention as Turkey partner of ADP Streamline.

Topics of the convention which will be held at Barcelona at 9-11th of October are vision, customer satisfaction and quality management. As Datassist, we will enhance further the service quality and customer experience policies thereby transforming acquirement through convention into authentic methods.

We kindly submit for clients’ information.


Exhibitor of HRM Expo 2013

HRM Expo 2013We, as Datassist Human Resources and Dakika Personnel Management, have participated in International HRM Expo / Zukunft Personal which was held at Cologne Messe – Germany on 17th-19th September 2013 and is accepted as the largest fair trade event in the field of Human Resources in Europe and hosts Turkey as partner country this year.

While we making rewarding B2B contacts with the visitors from all around the world in expo which hospitalized 15.192 visitors and 651 participant companies as of this year; we have also experienced the pride of being the unique company who represents our country in its field at the highest level in the international arena.

Thanks on behalf of Datassist Human Resources Team to all the participants that visited our stand.


White Collar Crimes: ‘Lying, cheating, and stealing’

white-collar-crimeWe have been trained by our parents not to commit crime since very early age. We are constantly told not to mistreat friends at school, not to harm people and animals and be a good human being. We are convinced through nurturing that even if we starve to death we don’t have the right to steal or harm a person intentionally if he/she misbehaves. In sum, we are almost brainwashed not to commit violent crimes. What about crimes that we can commit at work on our desk? Stealing funds on paper, online, embezzlements..

Coca-Cola Turkey Boosts Number of Female Executives

workerbb165Coca-Cola Turkey’s female executive rate reached 73 percent from a total of 82, according to Galya Frayman Molinas, chairwoman of the Coca-Cola Turkey.Speaking at the May meeting of the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey, or KAGİDER, Molinas said Coca-Cola Turkey has permanently increased the number of female workers.

Coca-Cola aims to support 5 million women entrepreneurs across the world by 2020, Molinas said, adding that despite this positive figure, they have a lot to do. “At Coca-Cola, we aim to provide jobs for 5 million women by benefiting from our supply-chain by 2020.”

Turkey Back In Private Equity Mood

intro165A Turkish management duo has launched the country’s first sizeable private equity fund since the end of the industry’s heyday in 2007 – a reflection of Turkey’s rapidly growing economic clout. Mediterra Capital Management is poised to announce on Monday that it has raised an initial €100m for a fund that will specialise in buying medium-sized companies.

Murat Erkurt – one of Mediterra’s two partners – said the fund was the first to persuade 10 of Turkey’s 50 richest individuals and industrialists to invest in local private equity: “This shows the confidence in their home country’s fast growing medium-sized companies.”

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