Work on Republic Day 29th October

29-ekim-tatilinde-calisilabilir-mi29th October Republic Day is the only National Day on which the proclamation of the republic in 1923 is celebrated.  Because of some contradictory provisions in legislation it becomes a controversial issue whether working on national day is prohibited or not.

As per the 1st Article of Law on National and Public Holidays No. 2429; "29th October is National Day, starts from 28th October, 13.00 o’clock and continues during 29th October."

Article 2 states that “on national, official and religious holidays, public sector agencies shall be on vacation.
And Article 2, last paragraph stipulates that; “private sector workplaces shall be closed on 29th October.”

However, this prohibition does not apply to establishments and workplaces, such as hospitals, airports, bakeries, hotels and so on, which have to work continuously by nature of their services.

As it is seen, while on national and general holiday’s only public sector agencies must be closed for vacation, working on 29th October is banned for the private sector workplaces according to above said Law, which is in contradiction with the Labor Law, No. 4857, and that is where the questions arise from.

Frequent Mistakes on Employment Contracts And Employers' Liability

is-sozlesmelerinde-isverenlerin-en-cok-yaptigi-hatalarEmployment Contracts in Turkish legislation do not much vary from those in European countries. In this article we are going to discuss the some misunderstandings and frequent mistakes and the potential penal provisions to be faced as regard to employment contracts.

What is an Employment Contract?

It is an agreement whereby a person agrees to work as an employee and the employer undertakes to pay the wages for the work performed.
Unless otherwise stipulated in the Act, an employment contract does not have any special form. There is a legal requirement for contracts to be in writing if they are signed for a fixed time of one year or more.

How to Plan Paid Annual Leave?

isverenler yillik izin planlamasinda nelere dikkat etmelidirAs summer, a traditionally a vacation season for employees, is approaching and personnel management departments are under pressure of allocating annual leave fairly and doing it in a way to ensure the continuity of business and production; we thought it is time to draw your attention to the points to considered on planning paid annual leave which may also be called "vacation."

In Turkey, the provisions as regard to paid annual leave are included between Articles 53 and 62 of Labor Law, No. 4857, and relevant procedures and principles are set out by the Regulation on Paid Annual Leave.

SSI Has Issued the Excepted Legal Regulation on “The Matters of Company Partners whose work entrance or termination notifications not submitted.”

ssi has issued the exceptedAccording to the announcement made by SSI Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Social Security Institution, dated 09/11/2014, insurance entrance and termination notifications in the format of written documents required by Law for the limited liability company partners, and acting (commandite) partners of commandite companies of which capital divided into shares, the associates of joint - stock companies who are also member to board of directors, shall be deemed to be submitted within the legal period in the case that they are submitted until 12/11/2014 by the business enterprises, and administrative fine shall not be applied. Administrative fines applied to these obligations before, will be cancelled notwithstanding whether they become definite or not; however, the collected amounts cannot be returned, refused or set off.

2015 Legal Payroll Parameters

bordro parametreleri 2014Starting from 01.01.2015, there will be some changes in minimum wage and wage calculation parameters. The parameters that will be in use in the first half of the year; meaning the dates between 01.01.2015-30.06.2015 and the parameters that will be in use in the second half of the year; meaning the dates between 01.07.2015 -31.12.2015 are shown in The Current Payroll Parameters Table.

Datassist Addresses Difficult Questions on the Road

As a part of 35th Agenda Meetings of, in cooperation with Egemenoglu Law Firm, Datassist aimed to answer the most difficult questions raised to human resources professionals concerning labor law and regulations in 4 different cities.

The meetings were held in Istanbul on June 3, in Bursa on the 5th, Ankara on the 10th and Gaziantep on the 12th. The most critical topics such as Annulment, Restraint of Trade and Over-Time were covered during these sessions. Our expert speakers, Datassist’s General Manager Ayse Uca, Egemenoglu Law Firm’s Co-Founder Attorney Yunus Egemenoglu and Senior Attorney Basak Arslan conducted very productive meetings with interactive participants.

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