Personal Data Protection Begins In Turkey

personal-data-protection-begins-in-turkeyIn this complex information age, especially the automatic processing of personal data may cause problems as regard to fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, and in particular their right to privacy.

Turkey signed the "EU Data Protection Directive 95/46, but has not yet ratified it and there wasn't any specific data protection law until recently. However, the Government proposal, "LAW ON THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA" has been approved by the General Assembly and expected to be issued in Official Journal in a short while.

Many of the provisions will come into effect after six months of the issuance of the law, and companies will have a preparation period.

Protection of personal data covers a very wide area, but as a result of our field of business we will try to approach the new provisions from the point of labor and social security legislation, human resources and payroll outsourcing, Also the processing and transferring of personal data in-country or abroad will be our other main concern.

Turkey Expands Supports For R&D Activities

turkey-expands-supports-for-r-d-activitiesTurkey is planning to widen its supports on research and development areas to achieve innovative technology and high value added products in order to get over the middle income trap in which country seems to be caught for years.

In 2008 Law On Supporting Research And Development Activities, No. 5746 put in effect  “to support and encourage, through R&D and innovation, the production of technological knowledge, innovation in the product and production processes, enhancement in product quality and standards, increase in productivity, reduction of production costs, commercialization of technological knowledge, development of pre-competition cooperation, technology intensive production, acceleration of technology intensive production, entrepreneurship and investments in these areas and inflows of foreign direct investments in R&D and innovation and enhancement of R&D personnel and qualified staff employment for restoring the structure of national economy to become internationally competitive.”

And the said law used to cover “technology centers by Small and Medium Industry Development Organization and R&D centers in Turkey, R&D projects, pre-competition cooperation projects and support and incentives with respect to technoprenurship capital.”

Comparision Tables of 2015/2016 Minimum Wages and Their Cost to Employers

comparision tables of 2015 2016 minimum wages and their cost to employers 1It seems that this year will be costlier than the last, since the Minimum wage has been raised to 1.647,00 TL starting from 1st January 2016, while it was 1.273,50 TL in 2015, and the wage hike is about %30.

In the tables below you can see the comparison tables as regard to last two years’ gross and net minimum wages and their cost to employers.





2016 Payroll Parameters

2016-payroll-parametersIn Turkey, Payroll Parameters are strictly connected with minimum wage usually determined twice to cover the first and second half of the year; however as an exception minimum wage of 2016 has been raised for ones and will be the same all along the 2016. As result of this only a few items, most important of which is the cap of severance pay have been changed as it will be seen table below.

Expected Incentives For Minimum Wage Rise

expected-incentives-for-minimum-wage-riseIt is almost certain that monthly net minimum wage will be raised to 1.300 Turkish Liras starting from January 2016. However,  many confusing hearsays on the subject are floating around as to what could be the incentives and subsidies to reduce to burden of private sector employers, nothing is clear so far and it seems that the new minimum wage is expected to cause an approximately %30 increase on the employers' labor cost.

1.300,00 TL Net Minimum Wage Means 2.016,11 TL Labor Cost for Employers

The significant raise is only matter of time now and Minimum Wage Determination Commission's decision has become a most concerned subject for the private sector employers, because of inevitable increase on employment cost to be faced with in the oncoming year and years as well. Our estimated cost of net minimum wage (Minimum Living Allowance included, incentives excluded) to employer is about 2.016,11 TL. In case of application of 5% incentive provided by Law No. 5510, the cost will be about 1,933,82 TL.

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