Annual Leave From the Point Of Employer

annual-leave-from-the-point-of-employerWe have, as we do every year, already refreshed our readers' and customers' knowledge on the "annual leave" which becomes the most important issue in labor relations during the holiday season of summer.  Our write-offs and marketing bulletins contains the general information on annual leave can be reached from the links stated at the end of the article, but today we want to touch some more specific points such as the employers' mandate, responsibility  and limitation on the matter.

New Support For Employing On-The-Job Trainees

new-support-for-employing-on-the-job-trainees"We train free of charge, you employ with premium incentive!"
This is the new motto of Turkish Employment Organization (İŞKUR) who offers training-on-the job programs on a complimentary basis, and provides premium support for employers of trained young.

Private sector establishments registered in İŞKUR may ask for a training-on-the job program in their own workplaces without going to any expense up to 320 actual workdays, and in case they wish to employ trained candidates at the end of the program, the employer contribution share of the social security premiums will be covered from the Unemployment Insurance Fund. Participant trainees should also be registered in the İŞKUR.

In the following paragraphs you may find the detailed information about "On the Job Training Programs," and the conditions or benefiting from "Premium Incentive".

Discriminatory Job Advertisements May be Banned

discriminatory-job-advertisements-may-be-bannedAs a result of a new law that is in effect now, stating the name of the university, and some other particulars like age and marital status as a qualifying requirement in job ads may be deemed discriminatory; also any kind of discrimination relating to prospective employees will be illegal, and such treatments can be prevented and punished up to 15.000,00 TRY by the newly established independent “Institution”.

"Law on Human Rights and Equality Institution of Turkey", No. 6701 is issued in the Official Journal 29690, dated 20 April 2016, with the intention of synchronizing with the Paris Principles that urges the countries to set up a national institution with competence to promote and protect human rights.

As far as the labor relations concerned, the Law includes provisions to prevent "discrimination in access to economic and social rights in the public or private sector," and may bring about new regulations that the companies and HR departments should be attentive to in their recruitment activities.

New Incentive For Hiring Needy Person In Turkey

new-incentive-for-hiring-needy-person-in-turkeyEmployers of needy and poor persons who are receiving social aid in cash from the "Social Aid and Solidarity Promotion Fund" will be benefiting from the SSI premium incentive.

The social security premium contributions of such employers will be covered by the state, and employers will be paying less up to monthly 338,00 TRY and yearly 4.056,00 TRY for each needy people they employed.  

The needy people to be employed should be a member of a household who have received needy money at least once from the "Social Aid and Solidarity Promotion Fund" and be recorded as unemployed in "Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR)."

The support will also cover the employment of Syrian refugees.

A Draft Law which contains many arrangements (that is why called as bag law) is about to introduce a new kind of incentive for employers in order to encourage the employment of needy people.

Personal Data Protection Begins In Turkey

personal-data-protection-begins-in-turkeyIn this complex information age, especially the automatic processing of personal data may cause problems as regard to fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, and in particular their right to privacy.

Turkey signed the "EU Data Protection Directive 95/46, but has not yet ratified it and there wasn't any specific data protection law until recently. However, the Government proposal, "LAW ON THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA" has been approved by the General Assembly and expected to be issued in Official Journal in a short while.

Many of the provisions will come into effect after six months of the issuance of the law, and companies will have a preparation period.

Protection of personal data covers a very wide area, but as a result of our field of business we will try to approach the new provisions from the point of labor and social security legislation, human resources and payroll outsourcing, Also the processing and transferring of personal data in-country or abroad will be our other main concern.

Turkey Expands Supports For R&D Activities

turkey-expands-supports-for-r-d-activitiesTurkey is planning to widen its supports on research and development areas to achieve innovative technology and high value added products in order to get over the middle income trap in which country seems to be caught for years.

In 2008 Law On Supporting Research And Development Activities, No. 5746 put in effect  “to support and encourage, through R&D and innovation, the production of technological knowledge, innovation in the product and production processes, enhancement in product quality and standards, increase in productivity, reduction of production costs, commercialization of technological knowledge, development of pre-competition cooperation, technology intensive production, acceleration of technology intensive production, entrepreneurship and investments in these areas and inflows of foreign direct investments in R&D and innovation and enhancement of R&D personnel and qualified staff employment for restoring the structure of national economy to become internationally competitive.”

And the said law used to cover “technology centers by Small and Medium Industry Development Organization and R&D centers in Turkey, R&D projects, pre-competition cooperation projects and support and incentives with respect to technoprenurship capital.”

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