Datassist Payroll Calculator at Your Service in the New Year

datassist payroll calculatorDatassist payroll calculator in “Turkish”, has long been a reliable paycheck calculation module designed to provide “gross to net” and “net to gross” amounts of salaries and helping many companies and millions of individuals to calculate the amount of social security premiums, taxes and other wage cuts to be deducted and take home wages. Also it is a user-friendly tool for employers to calculate their labor costs.

Gradual Implementation in Turkish Private Pension

private pensionAutomatic enrolment in private pension system will put into action gradually, starting with workplaces employing 1000 and more personnel at the beginning of 2017, Deputy Prime Minister announced at a press conference. He also added that the cabinet decree containing the arrangement has been opened for signature.

Auto-enrolment, in other words mandatory participating in private pension scheme has long being occupying the agenda of Turkey’s business community. Private Pension System, which is complementary to the mandatory state social security scheme and indented to improve the welfare level of employees by providing a supplementary income during retirement and also to increase the domestic savings, has been introduced by Law No. 6740 and will enter into force on 1st January 2017.

How Dangerous Personal Data Can Be?

personal data security articleIf you are neglecting or intentionally violating the provisions of Personal Data Protection Law you can be charged up to 1 million monetary fines or be sentenced to prison up to 4 years. What can be done to prevent it?

Although all provisions of "Law on the Protection of Personal Data, No. 6698" have come into effect as of 7 October 2016, there are still some doubts about the application of personal data protection rules. Because the "Personal Data Protection Board," who has an important role in determination of criteria and procedures as regard to implementation of the Law is not fully active at the present.

Work Permit And Exemptions For Foreign Partners Of Companies


Turkey's new "International Workforce Law No. 6735", which is in effect as of 13 August 2016 set forth new arrangements on the work permit and work permit exemption of managing or/and non-executive foreign shareholders of companies established under Turkish Commercial Code.

Job Security In Turkey


In today's industrialized world, the job security remains as a core issue in labor relations and is vital for social peace in thesocial states. The job security simply refers to employees'(the weaker party) probability of keeping their jobs, which cannot be very easy in many occasions such as during economicrecession, or in case of surplus of labor supply.

Turkey has ratified the "Termination of Employment Convention, 1982 (No. 158)", the Convention concerning Termination of Employment at the Initiative of the Employer (Entry into force: 23 Nov 1985), which adopts new international standards on the subjects such as justification for termination, procedure prior to or at the time of termination, procedure of appeal against termination concerning terminations of employment.

Also the "European Social Charter (revised) - Explanatory Report - 1996," whose article 24 sets forth the right to protection in cases of termination of employment has been approved by the Parliament.

Datassist Expands to Anatolia

Datassist Payroll Services, founded in 1999 as the first Payroll outsourcing firm in Turkey, due to the increase of Customer and high demand has opened two new branches in Samsun and Eskişehir.

With these branches in the two strategical and developing cities and also with the help of its innovative technology, Datassist is aiming to provide service to different cities of Turkey.

Datassist, with its branch in Teknokent-Samsun, keeps providing innovative solutions and with its branch in Eskişehir.becomes stronger in a strategical way

Datassist, with the mission of assisting HR professionals all around Turkey, will be opening new branches in Turkey.

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