German Employers are having detectives follow employees who say they are sick

There is no procedure concerning sick leave in Turkey. Employers are unsure about what to do when an employee says he is sick. However, in Europe, although there are differences between countries, there are certain procedures. The sick leave situation in different countries is presented below, 

ayse-n-uca"One of the things that increases the blood pressure levels of managers is the phone call of an employee on a Monday morning with a touching and weak voice saying, "I am ill, I can't come". The manager is stuck between the feeling of sadness for the illness of a colleague and the worry of work being hindered and disrupted" says Datassist Human Resources Manager Ayşe N. Uça. This contradiction is caused by the cost created because of the absent employee. On one hand the payment of overtime for the person who will do the work for the absent employee, on the other hand, the de-motivation of having to do someone else's work... If the absent employee has a character suitable for abusing such situations, this causes decrease of motivation among other employees. Uça explained the sick leave procedures in Turkey and other countries.

When an employee in Turkey takes an unnecessary sick leave, he tries to get better in two days because he thinks it will not be received well by his employer and acquaintances. 

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