Looking behind the mask: What turkish employees think

istihdamThe most used, best known human resources service in the world must be 'recruiting'. At this point, the fact that applicants have reactions based on their cultural differences should be considered natural. What is the situation in Turkey compared to other countries?

Human behaviour differs from one country to another. We all know this and we try to act in accordance with the traditions of the country we are doing business with. We can tell how to act at a business meeting, how to present our business card.

When it comes to human management at first there are not so many differences. Especially in global economy, we assume that there are no great differences among the countries.

Payroll Outsourcing Services Provide Flexibility

Datassist has been offering payroll outsourcing services to companies in Turkey since 1999. The purpose of this service is to convince clients to target growth on quality of service rather than on profits

turkisdncorpA technology-oriented human resources company, Datassist, has managed to firmly established itself in Turkey as a payroll application service provider (ASP) despite the 2001 financial crisis that affected so many businesses.

“I want to highlight that we have a very successful team; the importance of a well-trained team is unquestionable. We also think we are responsible for the cultivation of the sector,” General Manager Ayse Uca, who set up the company in 1999, told the Turkish Daily News.

Payroll outsourcing in Turkey

PROS and CONS in Payroll Outsourcing in Turkey

  • Primarily, foreign companies and companies with foreign partners have utilized payroll services for the last 10 years.
  • Most Turkish companies are reluctant to payroll outsourcing, because more than half of the employees' wages are not recorded in Turkey. 
  • Only major corporate Turkish companies that aim to perform in the global market tend to outsource their payroll services.

It is a crime to search for employees with better Physical attributes

General Manager of Human Resources Company Datassist, Ayşe Uça, stated that, the New Turkish Criminal code contains very heavy articles concerning the employers. Uça said that "If a person who was not offered employment because he [or she] was not deemed 'presentable' applies to judicial authorities with proof, this may result in the imprisonment of the employer".

ayse-uca-2Uça stated that the new law brings heavy burdens for employers who discriminate, "using the term 'presentable' in job advertisements, identifying university names like ODTÜ, Bosporus is considered to be discriminatory. It has become very tough to select and place employees. Candidates who can prove they have been subject to discrimination may request substantial amounts of indemnity".

German Employers are having detectives follow employees who say they are sick

There is no procedure concerning sick leave in Turkey. Employers are unsure about what to do when an employee says he is sick. However, in Europe, although there are differences between countries, there are certain procedures. The sick leave situation in different countries is presented below, 

ayse-n-uca"One of the things that increases the blood pressure levels of managers is the phone call of an employee on a Monday morning with a touching and weak voice saying, "I am ill, I can't come". The manager is stuck between the feeling of sadness for the illness of a colleague and the worry of work being hindered and disrupted" says Datassist Human Resources Manager Ayşe N. Uça. This contradiction is caused by the cost created because of the absent employee. On one hand the payment of overtime for the person who will do the work for the absent employee, on the other hand, the de-motivation of having to do someone else's work... If the absent employee has a character suitable for abusing such situations, this causes decrease of motivation among other employees. Uça explained the sick leave procedures in Turkey and other countries.

When an employee in Turkey takes an unnecessary sick leave, he tries to get better in two days because he thinks it will not be received well by his employer and acquaintances. 

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