Datassist Addresses Difficult Questions on the Road

As a part of 35th Agenda Meetings of, in cooperation with Egemenoglu Law Firm, Datassist aimed to answer the most difficult questions raised to human resources professionals concerning labor law and regulations in 4 different cities.

The meetings were held in Istanbul on June 3, in Bursa on the 5th, Ankara on the 10th and Gaziantep on the 12th. The most critical topics such as Annulment, Restraint of Trade and Over-Time were covered during these sessions. Our expert speakers, Datassist’s General Manager Ayse Uca, Egemenoglu Law Firm’s Co-Founder Attorney Yunus Egemenoglu and Senior Attorney Basak Arslan conducted very productive meetings with interactive participants.

Overall, we could reach over 300 participants. A few participants received free training certificates though lottery. The activities were free of charge.



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